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I solve problems through design


I am just as creative as my name. I studied Digital Art and Design, earning my Bachelors Degree from Towson University in 2012. Wow time flies! I have worked in the government sector, the corporate world, with non-profits, in the education system ( k-12) and have freelanced since graduation. I find I am most satisfied doing work that impacts the community. I love working to serve our communities.

I was born in Germany and was raised as a military brat, I believe that plays a big role in my ability to mold into any situation. I am confident that together we can create the right solution to bring your vision to life! I am currently located in the nations capital, Washington DC, but I travel frequently. Are you ready to work? If so, Lets get started! Contact me to schedule a consultation, brainstorm some ideas or to just say hey!


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Some selected accolades


Voted Best Dressed in Highschool

Assisted in the Pearl Bailey Mural, 14th & U st , NW DC

Assisted in the Taste Makers DC Mural, Brookland, NE, DC

Member of DCTV

Member of the Sanctuaries, a faith based arts community

Created a mural dedicated to Hurricane Irene at the popular bar Velvet Lounge in NW, DC

Curated the “Pray 4 Ye” & “Pray 4 Ga’Ye” Art Exhibitions in DC

Performed in NYC for the Paper Boy Festival

Graduated HS with a 4.2 gpa

Fainted in public while meeting Pharrell Williams